About us

Efficacy Movement Jr. Golf

"Grades Up Scores Down...Producing Champions!"

Our mission: "Efficacy Movement Jr. Golf is dedicated to impacting the lives of young people in the Greater Houston area by partnering with golf foundations and associations to give the most comprehensive junior golf experience available." 
We'll provide a learning experience with educational programming that builds character, instills life-enhancing values, and promotes healthy choices through the game of golf. EMJG coaches are experienced with the type of programming from junior golfers through college and beyond we will be steadfast in making sure the experience is fun, disciplined, and of good rapport. 

Our motto is "Grades Up Scores Down...Producing Champions!" We seek to partner with STEM focused institutions and corporate organizations in order for the advantages of participation in a Junior Golf program are well served.

Ultimately we seek to increase the participation of minority youngsters in the sport of golf as well as provide financial assistance in support of their efforts to experience the extraordinary advantage of education and opportunity. 

The founders as youth have a history of being minority participants in a junior golf program. Alde Lewis as the only minority participant from his neighborhood in the 1960's. Only to be followed by his daughter Makeda (Lewis) Williams, a Bill Dickey Scholarship Association Alumna, who asked to be taught the game when she came to live with him at the age of 10. Her accolades came very quickly once Malcom "Butch" Rhodes, a Professional PGA Class A Instructor and 2018 Inductee of The African American Golfers Association Hall of Fame, took her on as his prized student. She went on to achieve wonderful success on the junior golf level. So, interest in the game is not new for them. The enthusiasm, time, and commitment to expose, teach, and mentor the next generation is at hand and Makeda Williams son's ages 7 and 9 have picked up interest towards the game. So it's through the commitment to training them properly that motivated and inspired the idea of reaching out to the youth of Houston especially the forgotten areas of concern that has brought the involvement to this place from the heart.